What kind of memories do you make on a vacation?

What kind of memories do you make on a vacation?

Oh, yes, there are the beaches and the boats and the villages and the restaurants. But what do you really remember and what really touches your soul?

My husband is a history buff so this last trip we took was to San Antonio and he booked us into an historical hotel. My eyes were filled with greenery, water gardens¸ and the Alamo, but the fondest of my memories is the expansive atrium garden within the hotel where southern style, white painted rockers lined one wall. We enjoyed coffee in the morning and a cigar in the evening (Yes, I do indulge, but that’s a different story.) The peacefulness of the array of plants from palm trees to petunias combined with the hushed conversations of birds and people still bring a smile to my face.


Do you have a fond memory of a place that stole your heart away?

Orange colored blossoms of a blooming bush sparked one corner of the garden. I’d seen the same bush blooming across the street at the Alamo. I asked the lone gardener who was so diligently planting edging flowers the name of the bush. I hardly understood his broken English reply when he shook his head and said, “That one… birds… no me.” Maybe that’s why the garden seemed so fanciful. The man who created it was thoughtful enough to leave nature alone when the birds left behind a plant so lovely.


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  1. I love Grand Marais Minnesota so much that I had to set a romance there, to have someone fall in love with a local, along with the area. Then I wrote a sequel set in Minneapolis, but the third book in the series is set in Grand Marais again. We love the small-town “feel” of the town, and the peninsula right in town that juts out into Lake Superior, with tiny pebbles instead of sand on the beaches. We also love the quiet lakes with great, private camping in the national campgrounds all along the Gunflint Trail that heads up into the Sawtooth Mountains, from the town. No cell phone signals, no wi-fi…none of that unless you are in town, and even then it’s spotty. Heaven on Earth!

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