Pirates! Pirate play with my older brother. That’s as close as I got to mystery as a child. Except trying to figure out what was going on in my family?

Normal? Did any of us have a normal childhood? Growing up between two brothers and in a neighborhood of boys, I either ran with the pack or found my private corner of books and paper dolls. Until my little doll of a sister came along.

Though I’ve lived on the East and West Coast, traveled abroad and the US for business and pleasure; I call the Midwest ‘home.’ Michigan born and bred, I now live in a small village in Wisconsin.

Early on, writing became my passion. As many of you readers know, it’s sometimes necessary to escape into someone else’s world. And, as many of we writers know, When things get tough, we either go crazy or go write.

I truly believe a bit of crazy is prerequisite to writing good mystery. That plus absorbing every crime show on TV and living with an imagination that sometimes scares me to death..

Now let’s talk about the great distractions, Crossword and Sudoku…

Uh-oh, I feel a story coming on — Little Squares?


Click  on my Blog and tell me what, besides reading a good Jessica Tyson Mystery, distracts you from your to-do list.

Short and sweet:
When not writing, Jerol shares her time with her husband, ‘The Critique King’, two lovely daughters and their families (yes, grandchildren), another stepdaughter and stepson and their families (yes, grandchildren), and a bird named Tonto. She has Bachelor’s Degree in Creative Writing and Biology. Also enough credits for the Chemisty Degree, but a triple major wasn’t allowed. All those science years are of yet another lifetime. They come in handy when crafting a mystery chocked with medical and forensic info.

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Two new stories in the works!

When I learned that I had to re-edit each of my published novels for new publisher, I expected to go into a panic attack, like my character Jessica Tyson does in the series I’ve created. But Hurray!!! I am reveling in the re-writes almost as much as I enjoyed their creation. So much fun to again walk along the paths of the exotic locations and spend time with the friends (characters) that I created so many years ago.

Sometimes I get so caught up in escaping into my writer mind. . . almost forget that people are interested in who I am as a real live person.  Last week at a local presentation people started asking about my past ‘lifetimes’ (That’s what I call the stages my life has carried me through.). It was more difficult for me to reach back and try to remember details of college days and years of working in animal vaccine industry than to relay information about Jessica Tyson’s friends and relatives.

SCARY, isn’t it? How much our mind becomes entangled with created characters as we travel into different worlds with our writing.

As a much younger person, I enjoyed learning different languages (Spanish, German, French) and dreamed of being an interpreter at the UN. My daughters told me, “Mom, when you become old and start with dementia, you will be blithering things in all different languages and no one will understand you.” Okay, having been through early onset Alzheimers with my dear mother and younger sister, I do not want to think about the dementia, but the blithering in different languages sounds kinda like fun, doesn’t it?

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