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A Cozumel Caper  A Jessica Tyson Mystery                                                                                                                              Fourth in the Jessica Tyson Mystery Series   

Jessica Tyson is called upon to use her ‘powers’ to locate a prominent Seattle businessman whose private plane went down in the Gulf of Mexico. Jesse’s relationship with David, her fiancé, takes a ‘hit’ when he learns that they are not off for a fun-in-the sun vacation, but rather she’s actually brought him along on another of Sergeant Cardon’s missing person assignments.  Danger lurks in every step of Jessica’s search through the jungle of Mexico. The wife of the missing man is determined to collect his life insurance. She wants him found dead — or plans to have him killed if found alive. What can that possibly mean for Jessica and David?


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NEW BOOK for 2017 ! !


I started the research and rough draft of this book 13 years ago.  We were looking for a home to buy and toured a house on Lake Koshkonong.

  • built on Indian Land
  • ghosts artifacts and all

The book came to life and then…

I went on a medical sabbatical for several years.

Now…….I’M BA–ACK!!!

You’ll delight in this page-turner as much as each person in the critique group!!

It’s chock-full of :

American Indian Stories
Romance  – – of course
And the return of respect and kindness to a community divided by fear and distrust.

Tell me your thoughts on the book and what’s new in your writing/reading world.
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