NEW BOOK for 2017 ! !


I started the research and rough draft of this book 13 years ago.  We were looking for a home to buy and toured a house on Lake Koshkonong.

  • built on Indian Land
  • ghosts artifacts and all

The book came to life and then…

I went on a medical sabbatical for several years.

Now…….I’M BA–ACK!!!

You’ll delight in this page-turner as much as each person in the critique group!!

It’s chock-full of :

American Indian Stories
Romance  – – of course
And the return of respect and kindness to a community divided by fear and distrust.

Tell me your thoughts on the book and what’s new in your writing/reading world.
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Every day is a new adventure

When we wake up and look into the mirror we need to say to our reflection, “I’ll make it a good day. I’ll look for and make things to smile about.”


Each morning I take my ‘walk around’ in the yard, wearing funky little garden shoes and carrying my colorful coffee cup (my companions who make me smile). I always say a little prayer, “Thank you, God, for another day in this beautiful world.” (Even when it’s raining and snowing and cold, it’s still beautiful.)


And as I talk to the flowers (even the dormant one’s in winter) I remind myself: Sometimes life challenges are tough but don’t give up. Failure just means we persevere and change our path. Reaching for personal goals and dreams is what fills our soul and makes us smile. It’s what we are.

Share dreams and goals and daily affirmations if you’d like. Just click reply below.

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Games we play to get through it all!

Thank you to the many readers who have commented here, on Twitter and on Face Book about this blog.

If I write another blog within the next two months, it will be with one finger typing.

Hmmm. Not sure I can do that…

I’m taking a health break. Getting a new shoulder. Oh, I’ll be on social media, reading and commenting, but probably not writing much.

What do you do during these ‘forced breaks’ in life?  (No pun intended for those of you who have gone through recovery of a broken bone.)

I’m going to work on the final draft of my most recent manuscript, A Lake Koshkonong Tale. I’ve printed all 340 pages (Have to edit and cut that a bit.) and, as a one-armed-bandit, will read and edit. With the printed copy, I can curl up in my chair and pretend I’m reading a best selling novel, allowing my mind to critique more objectively.

There’s a foot of snow and sub-zero temperatures here in WI.

Might as well hibernate in a book like the two children shown here.

carli and matt

Oh the games we play!

As a writer, do you need to have the completed, printed copy of a manuscript in your hand and pretend it’s created by another writer to give it a true edit?

Another game:  While recuperating, I can put on my pirate hat, my eye patch, and wear my Cockatiel on my shoulder and pretend to be a one-armed pirate. What do you think?


Let’s hear stories about your medical adventure and how you coped.

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Grasp a story from the air

A Lake Koshkonong Tale                                                                                                      

                                 a novel I am embellishing – soon to be released out into the world.

What sparked the idea?

We were looking to buy a new home ten years ago and discovered a brick ranch on Lake Koshkonong in Fort Atkinson, WI. We were told it was built on land once known as Indian Land.

Two sentences jerked me to attention:

Should you find bones, arrowheads, or relics in the yard, you have to report it to the DNR (Department of Natural Resources and the yard will be cordoned off by yellow KEEP OUT tape, and a crew will come in to do a ‘dig’ for more relics.

When I asked if there were any ghosts present in the house, the answer:

Why, yes, and we love every one of them. Because of them and the history in this house, we pay no property tax.

I stared out the window at the green of the grass, the steep wooden stairway down to the lake, and the horizon where the water met the sky. The house didn’t intrigue me –


Occasionally, I still drive by that house on the lake – it always makes me smile. But there is no need to go inside. Every inch of the inside of that house belongs to me and my story. I can create little nooks and crannies that never actually existed there.

In my visualization, I have spent so much time studying the floor plan and layout of the house, yard, and neighborhood that I feel like I’ve lived there with
Eric Redfeather –the handsome Native American man or
Jenna Taylor — the lovely Minister of the Lake Koshkonong Methodist Church.
(Hero and heroine of my story.)


If while reading this you smile, remembering a time when you saw a story come to life, click on reply and tell about it.

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What kind of memories do you make on a vacation?

What kind of memories do you make on a vacation?

Oh, yes, there are the beaches and the boats and the villages and the restaurants. But what do you really remember and what really touches your soul?

My husband is a history buff so this last trip we took was to San Antonio and he booked us into an historical hotel. My eyes were filled with greenery, water gardens¸ and the Alamo, but the fondest of my memories is the expansive atrium garden within the hotel where southern style, white painted rockers lined one wall. We enjoyed coffee in the morning and a cigar in the evening (Yes, I do indulge, but that’s a different story.) The peacefulness of the array of plants from palm trees to petunias combined with the hushed conversations of birds and people still bring a smile to my face.


Do you have a fond memory of a place that stole your heart away?

Orange colored blossoms of a blooming bush sparked one corner of the garden. I’d seen the same bush blooming across the street at the Alamo. I asked the lone gardener who was so diligently planting edging flowers the name of the bush. I hardly understood his broken English reply when he shook his head and said, “That one… birds… no me.” Maybe that’s why the garden seemed so fanciful. The man who created it was thoughtful enough to leave nature alone when the birds left behind a plant so lovely.


If this writing brings a smile to your face as your mind fills with a memory, please click on Blog and tell me about it.

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Emma’s Garden

Emma’s Garden

Now that I’ve taken you on a mini tour of my flowers, I would like to share how I created a novel around a garden, Emma’s Garden, A Jessica Tyson Mystery (3rd in the series).

I brought to life a secondary character who is possessed by her flowers.

“You cannot raise flowers and children at the same time.”


When my two daughters were toddlers, I found it difficult to maintain even a few houseplants, let alone any type of landscape outside. I watered too much, I watered too little, the girls and their friends were picking off blossoms or tearing at leaves. Any and all of the above could make me sad. So to maintain a positive attitude my slogan became,

“You cannot raise flowers and children at the same time.”

I also have a loving relative who wants no flowers in her house, donated all the vases she owned to me, and has no interest in any type of garden tour. In fact at one time I stood on my deck and pointed out to her the colorful array of blossoms around us. Her comment,

“Oh, look at that darling little bird there on the birdbath.” (It’s a cement molded bird.) Her reason for flower disdain – her mother, who raised five children as a single mom, doted on her flower beds.

Hence: Emma’s Garden

So… I created Emma — a mother who cared more about her flowers than her children and raised a serial killer who pleased Momma by dumping fertilizer in her garden.

Click HERE and read more about Emma and friends.

Please leave a comment on how your mind goes on these twists and turns, creating creepy characters. (I prefer ‘twists and turns’ to ‘twisted mind.’)


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We gardeners are like farmers. Every morning it’s the same question

We gardeners are like farmers. Every morning it’s the same question,

“What’s the weather?”

Every year is a different growing season.

2012 too dry — my most important job — keep the watering system working.

2013 it’s too wet — just TRY to keep the weeds down.


I have a hill 100 ft long by 20ft high filled with perennials – and weeds. Now, on July 1, I’m about halfway across the hill with weeding, Preening, and chipping. And I’m ahead of most years.

I try to hire someone from the nearby high school to help, but there is no teen in the 2013 generation who wants this job. Besides, I truly enjoy the feeling of accomplishment when I do it myself.

Oh, I don’t do it totally alone. Do you?

My husband, the critique king of my writing, is the shovel man and the muscle for pulling out the little Poplar and Sumac trees that take root and show up between the Hydrangea and the Hibiscus. And he’s actually become quite the horticulturist when it comes to remembering the names of plants.


Are you a Master Gardener who knows all the names?

Send me a reply and let me know you gardeners out there can relate to this one — the delight I find in the hours of communing with nature. I sit on my garden stool, breathe the soft summer breeze and listen to bird calls as I pull creeping Charlie from between the Sedum in my little rock garden at the foot of the hill.

Gloves, long pants, and long sleeved shirt are needed on other parts of the hill due to the poison ivy. Do you have this problem, too? My whole body responds in a big way if I touch the beast. And since my hill is actually in the middle of a wooded area there is no getting rid of it. Just have to pull out the stems at the beginning of gardening season.

Right now, on July 1,  I wish that gardening season was all year ‘round. But then by the end of September (about the time Mr. Trumpet Flowers and Ms. Naked Lady Lilies start blooming) I’m ready for a rest. Here in Wisconsin our rest is a little too long (end of October until first week in May). By May my heart is giggling at new green beginnings, the wall of daffodils, and tulips by the front door and mail box. And my fingers itch to be in the dirt. How about you?

Come visit again in a couple of weeks when we can discuss wood nymphs we hear in the garden, little Shrews who burrow there, baby birds coaxed from the nest and my Cat Bird who comes to visit.


Leave a reply about how you enjoy your flower garden and your name will be entered in the drawing for a copy of Emma’s Garden, A Jessica Tyson Mystery to be announced in August.

Emma is living proof of my belief, “You can’t raise flowers and children at the same time.”

Fiona McGier is the winner of The Queen Anne Fox from my June blog drawing.

Smiles from Queen Anne

ShadowStairwayPart of the thrill of writing for me is to revisit an area that I fell in love with. It’s like a familiar old shoe. My imagination just climbs back into the day when I lived there and I get to see, smell, feel, and hear all that enamored me when I was there.



I so enjoyed creating The Queen Anne Fox, my first published novel and the first in the Jessica Tyson Mystery Series – set on Queen Anne Hill in Seattle, WA.

QAHighschool1Flora and fauna-lined stairways wander all the way down the hill—I would guess a half a mile distance. Stairways from the Queen Anne Apartments at the top of the hill to The King Dome and the lower Queen Anne shopping area at the bottom. A fun excursion.

Have you read other novels that entice you to visit the setting?



Half way down the hill, and a short walk along a winding road, there’s a cliff with cement benches where the view over-looking Puget Sound is spectacular. I especially loved the pink cosmos that bobbed their blossoms just above the stone wall. I still grow them each summer to remind me of Seattle as they dance in the breeze above the railing on my deck.


Is there a certain flower that elicits a fun memory for you?


One flower – lined stairway led down the side of the hill adjacent to the Five Spot, a café and gathering place. I spent many a Sunday afternoon strolling down that stairway and visiting the delightful gift shop on Upper Queen Anne.



Have you been there? Or, do you have a spot in your memory that makes you smile each time you revisit?

Please click replies below and write of      books   or   memories   or   flowers.

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It’s Spring. What makes us smile?

It’s April! Spring is just trying to find its way into Wisconsin. It seems strange to see the sun shining on my snowless deck. That by itself is not strange, but beyond is still totally white with six inches of snow. It’s April and my colorful, giant flower-hill is not green. Green in your yard?

When I grew up in Michigan I never liked the Spring, except that it was a promise of summer to come. Spring was frozen ground, dirty snow, muddy paths, and cold winds. I wanted to sit on the ground on a blanket and play with my dolls. I wanted sugar sand on the corner sand hill! What Spring daydreams awaken for you?

Now the season excites me. The garden catalogs start filling the mail box in January. Every day I say, “I’m not ordering flowers, this year. I’m only buying from greenhouses.” But the colorful catalogs tease me and I have to browse — see what’s new. Am I the only one?

Come the end of April, we have to check the shed each day where the mail lady and UPS leave packages from Brecks and Michigan Bulb and… Yes, I buy those little three inch plants and wait patiently, usually two years, for some to grow into wondrous flowering bushes. Am I alone in this?

I want to thank you for joining me. It was great fun to read your stories of escape into the twilight to play games. Someone mentioned flashlights. The only time we did flashlights was when our country cousins took us on a Snipe Hunt. And…yes, we fell for it.

Later this month I’m writing of childhood birthdays. (Makes me smile to think of memories you may share.) Plus, a visit to Seattle, the setting of my first novel, The Queen Anne Fox.

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Spring flower gardens coming soon
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Did you have a normal childhood?

Did you have a normal childhood? Like I said on my bio page, growing up between two brothers and in a neighborhood of boys, I either ran with the pack or found my private corner of books and paper dolls.

The very senior people in one of my writing groups have been talking about such games as Red Rover – Red Rover, Eeny Einy Over and Kick the Can. I don’t go as far back as Kick the Can, but I have to admit, I’m guilty of sneaking out with my brother, during long summer evenings, to play Red Rover up on Oak Street. Oak Street, where we weren’t allowed to go, with the rough boys, we weren’t allowed to play with. Just before dark we’d hear Mom calling, trying to find us. All the kids around Oak Street got to stay out after dark. Then there was Eeny Einy over where we threw the ball back and forth over someone’s roof. Another game Dad would have hollered at us for, if he’d known we were playing.

When I became a pre-teen, we moved to a more girlie neighborhood. Like any busy/dizzy teen there were girl parties here, girl parties there – with the Girl Scout Troup or Job’s Daughters. My daughters and granddaughters roll their eyes as I tell them of kid-nap-breakfasts in our PJ’s. Guess that isn’t done any more, huh? (Sometimes I feel so retro.)

Today I live in a winter wonderland. Lots of time for writing when going out means getting stuck in the long driveway. The photos on the front page are scenes from past years around my home. Twelve inches expected today. We’ll be looking like the photos before the day is through. The green shot is for contrast. It shows the real reason we stay in this frozen tundra.

Deep snow sparked my imagination for another manuscript, Secrets in the Snow. It’s set in Northern Minnesota. Not sure the snow in my yard sticks around long enough to hide bodies. “Oops, don’t be giving it away!”

In the future, I’ll be commenting on the hidden statements here (very senior, girlie neighborhood, retro and more). Please share any thoughts and/or memories awakened by the words on this page.

Photographs are Copyrighted by, and used with permission of, Rancho Riescho Productions.