It’s Spring. What makes us smile?

It’s April! Spring is just trying to find its way into Wisconsin. It seems strange to see the sun shining on my snowless deck. That by itself is not strange, but beyond is still totally white with six inches of snow. It’s April and my colorful, giant flower-hill is not green. Green in your yard?

When I grew up in Michigan I never liked the Spring, except that it was a promise of summer to come. Spring was frozen ground, dirty snow, muddy paths, and cold winds. I wanted to sit on the ground on a blanket and play with my dolls. I wanted sugar sand on the corner sand hill! What Spring daydreams awaken for you?

Now the season excites me. The garden catalogs start filling the mail box in January. Every day I say, “I’m not ordering flowers, this year. I’m only buying from greenhouses.” But the colorful catalogs tease me and I have to browse — see what’s new. Am I the only one?

Come the end of April, we have to check the shed each day where the mail lady and UPS leave packages from Brecks and Michigan Bulb and… Yes, I buy those little three inch plants and wait patiently, usually two years, for some to grow into wondrous flowering bushes. Am I alone in this?

I want to thank you for joining me. It was great fun to read your stories of escape into the twilight to play games. Someone mentioned flashlights. The only time we did flashlights was when our country cousins took us on a Snipe Hunt. And…yes, we fell for it.

Later this month I’m writing of childhood birthdays. (Makes me smile to think of memories you may share.) Plus, a visit to Seattle, the setting of my first novel, The Queen Anne Fox.

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6 thoughts on “It’s Spring. What makes us smile?

  1. I love to see the robins return.
    I love to hear all the bird chirping and singing in the yard.
    I especially love to wake up to their chatter outside my window.
    I love to see the daffodils popping up out of the ground.
    I love that there’s more sunlight each day.
    I love ridding myself of shoes and socks and being able to wear flip flops.
    I love seeing the trees starting to bud.
    I love the feel of the sun warming me.
    I love that winter is over.

  2. Spring is my favorite time of the year. Setting on my deck in Michigan, overlooking the channel that leads to one of seven lakes, I can smell the honeysuckle, watch the birds building nests and see the many spring flowers poking through the newly warmed soil. I especially like the red bud tree in my front yard with its dark pink blossoms against the dark bark. Love, love springtime.

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